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Introducing XCore, a game-changing program designed exclusively for senior leaders seeking to elevate their leadership from good to great. Join a guided monthly peer group of 6-8 professionals, fostering camaraderie and accountability, where good leaders become exceptional leaders.

Over a transformative 12-month journey, XCore empowers leaders to grasp self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence, and master key areas such as communication, time management, and influence. Discover your distinctive leadership voice and gain insights into the strengths and challenges it brings through GiANT Worldwide's proven tools and processes.

Each month, our in-person forums combine interactive content, group coaching, and real-life problem-solving to create a safe space for sharing, growth, and personal alignment. Embrace a liberating lifestyle and learn how to maximize influence, productivity, and present leadership.


Join us on this transformative in-person journey, where you'll experience growth, collaboration, and lasting impact. ​Become the best leader you can be with XCore!


Monthly forums are 2-3 hours long, alternating between two formats:


Primary content delivery in an interactive workshop. You will sit and process with your XCore peer group, but there may be other groups at other tables participating.

XCore Group

This is where the real transformation occurs. In this group coaching format, your XCore Group will provide a place to process the content from previous workshops, apply to real life problems from members of the group, and create a safe place for accountability in a group coaching format.

Financial Investment

The full XCore experience is a 12-month commitment and includes workshops, group meetings, all materials, and a subscription to GiANT OS Pro. $300 per person per month.

Discounts for non-profits and multiple employees within an organization.


Ready to take your leadership from good to exceptional? You're just one step away from embarking on an empowering journey with the XCore program. Fill out this short application form and seize the opportunity to join a guided peer group of ambitious leaders. Let's unlock your true leadership potential together!

Space is limited. Apply soon to reserve your spot.

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