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Jason Burnett sitting on stairs


Jason Burnett is a proven leader, communicator, and strategist. Trained in conflict resolution, management, organizational behavior, coaching, and communication, Jason brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to each leader and organization he partners with. As a GiANT Certified Guide, Jason brings tools and resources trusted by businesses and organizations worldwide.

Jason has a passion for seeing individuals and organizations discover and unlock their full potential.


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As a Guardian/Creative on the 5 Voices, Jason:

Has a relentless commitment to ask the difficult questions

Seeks to honor the past as teams look toward the future

Commits to delivering projects on time and on budget

Respects value, logic, order, systems and processes

Guardians/Creatives are natural troubleshooters and love the challenge to solve complex practical challenges. They readily assimilate concrete data and logically compute the most rational and strategic next steps. Fiercely practical, they enjoy getting their hands dirty and taking things apart to understand them.

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