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Projects & Partnerships

Discover the impactful partnerships and transformative projects at CrestLeaders.

Explore our diverse client list and success stories to see how we drive change and unlock potential in organizations across sectors.


Gabe Mounce

Director, AFRL  | Strategic Advisor, SPACEWERX | TEDx Speaker

"Jason is a phenomenal organizational change leader and executive! His systematic approach to new start initiatives and thorough analysis of opportunities add to his keen sense for organizational strategy development that I've rarely seen in other circles. At the same time, he has a knack or linking concepts and ideas. I highly recommend Jason, especially if you need clear analysis and concept ideation...he's a person you should know!"

Facilitation of Strategic Planning

The New Mexico Counseling Association engaged Jason to facilitate a strategic planning retreat, focusing on vision and strategy enhancement to better serve New Mexicans. His expert facilitation fostered a collaborative environment, guiding the association through insightful discussions and actionable strategies. This work showcases Jason's proficiency in driving organizational growth and enhancing mission-driven initiatives, reflective of CrestLeaders' commitment to impactful leadership and strategic development.

Leadership Development for New Mexico's Behavioral Health Professionals

Jason collaborated with ENVIVE Solutions to provide training and facilitation through a series of Business Development Workshops and Roundtables. This initiative aimed to bolster business acumen and leadership skills. Through the facilitation of roundtable discussions, Jason engaged directly with behavioral health professionals, offering them a platform to connect, share insights, and gain practical guidance from a panel of experts. Jason is committed to creating spaces that foster collaboration, strategic growth, and transformative learning.   


Revisioning: New Things for New People

Through Jason's tenure as Lead Minister and Executive Director, he led a pivotal strategic revitalization, focusing on mission clarity, operational efficiency, and culture enhancement. This resulted in the sell of their outdated facility, elimination of debt, and constructing a new $4 million facility, showcasing Jason's capability to drive significant organizational transformation. This foundational experience informs his approach at CrestLeaders, emphasizing strategic growth and impactful leadership.

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