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Consulting & Coaching

What are your leadership and organizational pain points?

Let’s tackle a specific tangible area of your business or organization and provide clarity and focus on next steps and actions. Customized consulting & coaching provides strategic conversations, resources, and collaborative work to help maximize your impact. 

All problems are rooted in one of five key leadership areas.

  1. Communication
    • Drama​ | Inefficiency | Unnecessary Conflict

  2. Relationship
    • Gossip | Turf Wars | Toxic Environments​

  3. Alignment
    • Wasted effort | Lost time | Division​

  4. Execution
    • Unmet goals | Missed Deadlines | Blown Budgets​

  5. Capacity
    • Burnout | Turnover | Missed Opportunities​

Image of the leadership flywheel, showing that communication, relationships, alignment, execution, and capacity work together for peak performance.

If you fix this, how much more impact would you have?

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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ENVIVE Solutions, LLC is a nationally certified women-owned business located in the enchanted southwest. ENVIVE serves and empowers human services related organizations, including government entities, in bringing their best work forward to care for the communities they love. ENVIVE fosters collaborations that aim to improve the health and prosperity of populations. Find out more about ENVIVE here.

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