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FatPipe Leadership Series

The FatPipe Leadership Series is a great way to invest and make a tremendous impact in your leadership without spending a lot of time. It is perfect for time-starved leaders and teams that just need “that one missing piece” to take them to the next level, or as a foundation for a new leader. 


Each workshop is 60 mins and gives an overview of powerful leadership tools and includes handouts, facilitated discussion to apply to participant’s real world examples, and take-away challenges to improve their leadership in their own context.

November 30, 2023


Developing Your Team

How do you know what your team needs and how to get them there? Effective team development often begins and ends with a scatter-shot approach…we take general principles and teach them to everyone in hopes that each individual will get value in a way that specifically meets their own needs. There’s a better way! Learn how to gauge the needs of your team and know where to provide intentional focus in order to get them where you want them to be.  

February 2023

What Type of Leader Are You?

What is it like to be on the other side of you and your leadership? Learn two tools that will help you understand how those you work and live with experience you on a regular basis. Learn where you default to (and how not to stay there), in addition to having a self check-in tool you can use to be a better leader moving forward. 

March 2023

It Begins With You (Leading Yourself First)

Self-awareness can be a difficult path. Learning to hold up the mirror in front of ourselves and be brutally honest with what we see doesn’t come naturally to most people. But it’s important. Leaders who fail to regularly and intentionally take time to better understand themselves and others are not the leaders who will bring out the best in themselves or their teams. After all, if we don’t know our own strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies under pressure, how can we expect to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage our leadership? Learn to spot these tendencies and begin to lead yourself (and others) more effectively. 

April 2023

Influence Over Leadership

True influence is the everyday commerce of leadership, and at the heart of it all, it is all about relationships. Think about it…who are the people who have had the most impact and influence in your life? They may be teachers, parents, coaches, friends, or perhaps mentors who chose to invest in you in a way that left lasting influence. That is true leadership. Influence requires commitment, however. This is precisely why most people do not have much impact: it costs something. Every influential person in your life has sacrificed either time, energy, or effort to influence you. Yet, how did they do it? Learn a proven process of influencing those in your life in a lasting way. 

May 2023

What’s Holding You Back?

Who or what is keeping you from being the leader you’re capable of being? Chances are, if we are honest, the real “who” is ourselves and the “what” can be hard to put our finger on. Even with the best of intentions, we can still struggle to have significant influence in the lives of those we work and live with. The beginning of leading others well starts with knowing and leading ourselves well first. It begins with knowing the areas in our own lives that are keeping us from leading at the level we desire and being aware of how those underlying tendencies can affect us. Learn two tools that will help you understand what may be holding you back.

June 22, 2023

Words That Can Transform Your Team

Words are powerful. When used properly they can empower. When used recklessly however, they can tear apart everything you work hard to build and do as a team. The problem is that we don’t intend to be reckless. We’re often not fully aware of how words are falling on those around us. Without self-awareness, what we think will excite others toward an idea or future vision can actually inhibit progress. Without self-awareness, sharing things with the wrong people, sharing too much/not enough, or sharing too soon/too late can undermine not only your efforts but your influence, as well. Learn two critical tools that will help you ensure you are communicating effectively. 

August 24, 2023


Powerful Self Check-In Tools

How are you doing? That’s a common question we are often asked that typically falls short of gauging where we truly are at the moment. Some better questions are…

  • Is what you are doing in line with who you are?

  • How much peace do you have right now?

  • Is your current pace sustainable?

  • Are your key relationship in sync?

  • Are you keeping the main thing the main thing in your life?

Learn three tools that will help you answer these questions and more. 

September 28, 2023


How to Bring Effective Challenge

Bringing effective challenge is hard. For some of us, we may struggle with having critical conversations with those around us. Even when bringing challenge comes easier, however, we can ultimately minimize our influence by approaching it the wrong way. How do we create team cultures where conflict is resolved in a healthy manner? How do we fight against drama and gossip on our teams? How do we make sure we are delivering challenging messages in the most successful way? Learn two tools that will help you answer these questions and more.

October 26, 2023


Multiplying Yourself

What are you doing to raise the capacity of those around you? Most of us don’t think about equipping others until it is too late. It may be someone who leaves your team and leaves a void behind no one else knows how to fill. It could be that your weekly load increases to the point that you need to offload important tasks to someone you can trust, but it’s hard to find the time to do so. Sometimes it is because you’re working toward stepping away from the business or team in the near future and you want to ensure that they thrive even after you are gone. Whatever the circumstance, the ‘how’ of equipping others is always where the pain is felt. Learn three tools that can help you effectively multiply into the lives of those you lead.

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